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Back To School Night Message from Head of School

This evening, I have the pleasure to officially welcoming you to the International Children’s Academy. We are part of approximately 5,000 schools across the globe and one of only 5 in the Greater Los Angeles area. We not only have a world class education program but our spiritual philosophy makes us unique. We are the best kept secret. We are preparing our students for the 22nd century with knowledge, skills, dispositions, deep passion for learning and spiritual truths.

As we move forward, we need to respect our past and keep our eyes focused on the future.

The Rav said, “Change is what happens when the pain of staying is greater than the pain of changing.” Change can be painful especially the fear of the unknown. That is why this year, more than ever, our communication needs to be clear and ongoing;

  • Change has brought me to this wonderful community in LA.
  • Change has brought us together in one campus giving us one voice.
  • Change has brought new families to our school.
  • Change has aligned research and practice into our instruction.

After looking at research, we are officially changing the word homework to home-learning. Studies show that there are no significant gains in early grades by assigning homework. There is no homework in Pre K and Kindergarten, but we strongly recommend that you read to your child each night. First grade is 10 minutes, second grade is 20 minutes, and so on and so on. Children should read nightly. In fifth grade, as we prepare our children to move into middle school, home-learning will be amped up as we move through the school year.

 Additionally, research tells us that if children attend school 90% or better, results in moving up at least one grade level in reading and mathematics. Please try your best to make sure your children attend school daily and on time.

I have cancelled our end of year ERB testing. Most parents, teachers and administrators need to go back and get a masters to read the results of this standardized test. This is not the best way to measure your child’s academic growth. What is more effective instead of a summative assessment that we do several formative assessments throughout the school year.

I must take this opportunity to thank so many thoughtful donors, many of whom are here this evening, for your generous tax-deductible gifts to our school.

We appreciate everything you do for us. As you know, tuition only covers a small portion of our school’s needs. We could not accomplish everything we do without your ongoing meaningful support.  Again, we thank you for it.

We are doing world-class work here at ICA and please be an ambassador of spreading the good word.