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Board of Directors

The International Children's Academy (ICA) Board of Directors is the governing body of the school. Individual members serve as custodians of the school’s mission and of its well-being. The Board’s primary objectives are:
  • to ensure the financial security of the institution;
  • to protect the school’s legacy and mission;
  • to support the strategic vision and policy positions;
  • to hire and support the Head of School.
The Board is composition reflects the strategic expertise, resources, and perspectives that helps it to achieve the mission and strategic objectives of the school.  The Board is comprised of volunteers from diverse backgrounds. 

The Board works to ensure all members are actively involved in the work of the Board. To continually meet the high expectations of parents, our Board works in partnership with our Head of School to provide that the goals and vision can be executed at the highest levels.

Board Members 
Elisheva Balas - Co-Chair
Alan Cohen - Interim Head of School
Jim Favaro
Hagai Rapaport
Marc Taubman - Co-Chair, Treasurer/Secretary