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IB Learner Profile

The IB learner profile represents 10 attributes that help students become responsible members of their communities and be world citizens. These attributes are:
  • Open minded: Students appreciate their own culture as well as the other cultures from around the world. They are happy to learn from other’s experiences and they respect different points of views. 
  • Principled: Students are honest and fair. They have respect for individual’s rights. They take responsibility for their actions.
  • Reflective: They understand their own weaknesses and strengths in the learning environment. They think about the ways of improvement.
  • Risk-taker: They approach uncertain situations with forethought and determination. They face challenges and change with courage.
  • Thinker: They use critical thinking skills to solve problems and make ethical decisions.
  • Caring: They show empathy and respect. They take action to make positive changes in other’s lives.
  • Communicator: They express their ideas and feelings confidently in different languages. They work as a team and listen to others’ perspectives.
  • Inquirer: They have curiosity and they develop skills for research. They are enthusiastic to learn more and they are lifelong learners.
  • Knowledgeable: They explore knowledge in different disciplines by developing conceptual understanding. They work on locally and globally significant issues.
  • Balanced: They balance different aspects of their lives such as intellectual, physical and emotional to achieve well-being.