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Spiritual Foundation

School is a microcosm of life and the place where they spend the majority of their time. The vision of the International Children’s Academy (ICA) is to give children who attend not only a solid academic education but a spiritual backbone that will allow children to reach their own potential in life. We believe this starts not only with teaching children a spiritual practice, but with creating a spiritual discipline program that is based on spiritual principles which allows teachers, faculty, parents and students to have a common vocabulary and common goals.

Our model is based on a unique definition of success and the understanding that success is a constant process that does not always have a finite point of closure. We believe that success is comes in small victories over and over again throughout the child’s school experience and these small successes will help to provide a child with a spiritual backbone that will serve them their whole lives.
Knowing that Light exists in everyone is the basis for teaching tolerance and human dignity as a way for developing relationships.

Understanding we have the same core but different unique expressions of it helps students stay out of a proverbial box and use a variety of tools to empower them reach their potential.

Appreciating that free will is a gift - a perspective that helps children of all ages see they have the freedom to choose how they respond to situations, including:

  • Taking responsibilty
  • A sense of self and purpose
  • And as an source of strength and empowerment
Understanding each step of the process is critical in order to reach the state where as disciplinarian your consciousness will be in a place to do the most for the child and yourself.

Connecting to My True Self – A state of balance where mind, body and spirit are in line on a more consistent basis.

The Two Truths – The knowledge that each person at their core are good and that we all want to succeed.

The Two Voices – There is our True Self and The Opponent.

Spiritual Intelligence – 7 guiding spiritual principles that provide an environment to support the teacher to see the bigger picture for themselves and the children they teach.

Based on the idea of moving children to connect with their True Self and recognizing there are Two Voices battling for air time in all of our minds, there are 7 guiding principles that support the adult to see the bigger picture for themselves and the children they teach. These concepts can in fact be used to help children interact with other children (we need to look at what these mean in different developmental stages).
  • The Light Exists in Everyone – We exist as a result of a divine force whose nature is only good and we carry a piece of this divinity in each one of us.
  • Everyone’s Opponent is uniquely expressed – Each one of us has different aspects to our Opponent which is expressed differently under different circumstances and situations. It is vital to understand that no two people will behave exactly the same in a given scenario.
  • The Gift of Free Will – We have the ability to choose our reaction to situations.
  • Challenges are Opportunities – Challenges are there for us to grow and reach our potential.
  • The Law of Cause & Effect – Every action we take creates an effect, good or bad that we will ultimately see in our lives. So there is real value in generating more positive actions.
  • The Sharing Tool – The act or sharing outside of our comfort zone is a tool for receiving more in our life.
  • The Power of Unity – When we are unified we can create powerful change and growth for ourselves and the world.