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Spiritual Foundation

School is a microcosm of life and the place where children spend the majority of their time. The vision of the International Children’s Academy (ICA) is to give children who attend not only a solid academic education but a spiritual backbone that will allow children to reach their own potential in life. We believe this starts not only with teaching children a spiritual practice, but with creating a spiritual discipline program that is based on spiritual principles which allows teachers, faculty, parents and students to have a common vocabulary and common goals.

Our model is based on a unique definition of success and the understanding that success is a constant process that does not always have a finite point of closure. We believe that success is comes in small victories over and over again throughout the child’s school experience and these small successes will help to provide a child with a spiritual backbone that will serve them their whole lives.
Knowing that Light exists in everyone is the basis for teaching tolerance and human dignity as a way for developing relationships.

Understanding we have the same core but different unique expressions of it helps students stay out of a proverbial box and use a variety of tools to empower them reach their potential.

Appreciating that free will is a gift - a perspective that helps children of all ages see they have the freedom to choose how they respond to situations, including:

  • Taking responsibilty
  • A sense of self and purpose
  • And as an source of strength and empowerment