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At the International Children's Academy (ICA) students in 3rd - 5th grade have the opportunity to be part of an athletic team. We compete in the Hollywood-Wilshire Elementary League in co-ed basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Through athletics the students learn the importance of many great values such as commitment, hard work, and character. Another big part of athletics at ICA is building community, tradition and creating pride within the school. GO LIONS!!!

The International Children's Academy (ICA) has an excellent well rounded Physical Education program starting with our early childhood class.

The classes work with the International Baccalaureate program through 5th grade. Physical Education classes do activities that help the students connect to their classroom unit. All classes work on subjects such as teambuilding, loco-motor movements, fitness, team sports, and more. Our number one goal is becoming a balanced person for life.

Physical Education is a time for students to learn all about fitness, health, movement, teamwork, sports, and problem solving. This class is not about how athletic you are but more so about the effort you show. Showing students various fitness concepts, physical activities, games, and sports will help build social, cognitive and psychomotor skills. In Physical Education, we teach all students to have an appreciation and understanding in a variety of physical activities as well as ensuring we promote lifelong learning through physical fitness.

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